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January 2010




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Jan. 1st, 2010

HP: Slytherin Warmth


Day 365 - Year's end

End of year counts…

sort of…Collapse )

and some meta-y stuff.Collapse )

PS: I'm totally in for the 2010 version. With the moving cross-country thing happening, decluttering will be happening for sure and I'd like a second try at the whole, within the structure thing. :D
ailbhe 29y6m


So who's starting again for 2010?

Or has someone already started a 2010 comm and I didn't notice? I slacked off a good deal this year but would like to start again.

unclutter_2010 exists, who wants to mod it?

Dec. 31st, 2009

nap time


Days 344-365

Last post of the year.

1 bundle tie silk
5 pcs fabric
2 pcs craft felt
8 spools thread
1 ink pad
1 stack poster paper
1 stack cardstock
8 tins
1 cat carrier
1 headset and charger
1 set spice jars
1 calendar
1 magnet
1 ChicoBag
1 net washing bag for bras
1 rechargeable battery pack for a cordless screwdriver (and then the screwdriver turned out to be dead anyway O_o ... and we'll have to buy a new one... feh)
1 lipstick
1 eyeshadow
4 tops (3 long sleeve T shirts and one short sleeve... my wardrobe of l-s shirts is mighty thin right now, and it's cold)
1 corduroy jacket

2 tubs body butter (one gone off and tossed, one given away)
1 cat carrier "borrowed" by the woman who adopted our fosterling, but that's okay, it was too small anyway
3 books
1 sample tube foot cream, hanging around for months and finally used up
1 dead headset and charger (damn you, Motorola, for no longer making headsets that don't require sticking a thing in your ear canal... ow)
1 manual for same, found days later and discarded separately
3 pieces fleece fabric turned into 8 hats and sent to bereaved families in Fort Hood, Texas
1 pair panties
1 handful buttons (the kind with a pin... Brits would say badges :)
2 strings jingle bells
2 sweaters
4 t-shirts
1 lone rubber glove
1 torn plastic three-ring binder
1 dead emergency light
1 dead cordless screwdriver
1 wrecked padded mailer
2 bags of papers into recycling
1 bag full of papers into the shredder bin
1 eyeshadow
1 lipstick
1 bottle expired saline
1 more half boxes comics, discarded later than the first half box

In: 42
Out: 33
Net out: -9
Total for the year: 511

Not bad, especially considering that I had bags and boxes of stuff that I only counted as one item each. The apartment is still a mess in parts, and we still kind of have too much stuff, but overall I'm counting this year a success with respect to decluttering. I'm happy that other people want to keep going with this, as it's been helpful in keeping going even in the face of discouragement.

In but not counted: one niece or nephew (sex to be learned at birth). My sister-in-law is about six weeks along now, hungry all the time, and starting to feel a bit of morning sickness. There will be baby craft projects, oh yes. Muahahahaha. Though I did tell them, when they announced that they want to be surprised with respect to the baby's sex, "I hate you. How am I supposed to know what color to make the receiving blankets?" They cracked up.


Happy New Year, everyone!

Dec. 29th, 2009



(no subject)

Might as well restart a couple of days early.

2 gingerbread houses
1 slightly broken nutcracker
all the christmas cardboard packaging

Dec. 22nd, 2009

No littering


What's between a bang and a whimper?

2009 is nearly over, and while I didn't exactly throw out one item every day, I did manage to get rid of more than 365 over the course of the year.

This includes two bags of trash and three for the charity shop just this past weekend. I finally gave up hope of making adequate progress on my own and hired a professional to assist me.

Sadly, I still have too much stuff! I'm going to have to keep at it in 2010.

Previously: 428 things out.
New total: 478 things out.


Try, Try Again

I got a lot out of my attempt at decluttering an item a day in 2009, (even though I fell off the bandwagon partway through) and would love to try again.

mockduck are you modding another decluttering comm for 2010?

Are other folks interested in trying again?

Dec. 10th, 2009

nap time


Days 338-343

1 pair awesome gorgeous riding boots to be used for semidressy occasions in cold weather
1 wool blanket
1 knitted (crocheted?) throw
1 glass cake stand
1 silver-and-cut-glass tiered cake stand ($7 at Goodwill, muahaha... the tea party shall be mine, oh yes)
1 brooch
3 boxes chocolates (oh, students, my butt does not need to be bigger, but ILU anyway)
2 strands jingle bells (Student: "For your cats!" Me: "..." [She has obviously never had a cat, because mine ran in terror] ... will have to decide what to do with these)
ETA: 1 miniature rosebush, forgot about that
ETA2: 2 nice-quality watercolor brushes, forgot about those too... but see below

2 binders
1 dead printer duplexer, 1 dead and very heavy printer to follow
1 magazine excavated from down the back of the spare room bed
2 dead file boxes
1 book
1 half box comic books, with probably more to come, yays
1 blouse
1 fleece blanket
ETA2: 3 rocks that used to be art gum erasers

In: 14
Out: 16
Net out: 2
Running total: 520

The numbers don't look all that impressive, but really: three BOXES of e-waste. That's a lot of ancient cables, dead converters, obsolete geek junk, and other assorted crap that is no longer in my home. Victory shall be mine! *does dance*

Now if only I could figure out what my younger cat did with his favorite toy...


Dec. 4th, 2009

Mouse wheel


Days 336-337

1 rotary cutter
1 craft punch
1 pack folded cards
2 packs envelopes
1 pack letter-sized paper
3 sheets art paper
1 ink pad
1 hair clip

2 pairs jeans
1 bra
2 sheets art paper (cut out, pasted into envelopes as liners)

In: 11
Out: 5
Net out: -6
Running total: 518

Dec. 1st, 2009

Mouse wheel


Days 316-335

Not itemizing, for the arms, they do suck. Ow.

In: 33
Out: 37
Net out: 4
Running total: 524

I have so many craft projects I want to doooooo *sob* *thud*


Nov. 11th, 2009

Mouse wheel


Days 314-315

Well. That was expensive.

We're getting together emergency supplies. Man, that gets pricey fast. Also I replaced some makeup and bought some clothes. And some fabric and crafting stuff to make fleece blankets and hats for soldiers.

10 items makeup, including a bunch of "free" with purchase things that I promptly packed up for a friend
2 pairs wool socks
4 bundles athletic socks
2 bras
2 pairs underwear
1 dress to be refashioned into a much more flattering top
1 sweater
2 t-shirts
3 pairs trousers (my jeans are getting too disreputable to be worn for teaching)
1 gym bag which will become my go-bag
1 tube antibiotic ointment which completes an update of our first aid kid
1 biiig piece polar fleece for blankets
3 fabric remnants
1 skein yarn
1 sewing pattern
1 sewing magazine
2 spools ribbon
2 packets embellishments
1 big button
1 bundle felt (to cushion...)
1 set porcelain bread plates
1 set porcelain salad plates
2 teacups

2 pairs worn-out cashmere socks into scrap bag
2 sample pots moisturizer that didn't work out
2 mascaras
1 makeup brush set
2 lip glosses
1 lipstick
1 sample-sized toothpaste into charity box
1 freebie toothbrush from the dentist's, into charity box
1 handful expired single-dose meds packets from the first aid kit
1 jacket
1 pair trousers
1 button added to a hat and therefore no longer clutter ^_^
1 quilt pattern
1 handful old address labels
2 teacups
2 plates
3 wineglasses

In: 48
Out: 27
Net out: -21
Running total: 520

Oopsie, tomorrow is another day, &c.
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