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unclutter_2009's Journal

Relieving ourselves of a thing a day, every day
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Relieving ourselves of a possession a day, every day in 2009
Some people keep a tidy house with seeming ease. We are not those people.

This community is for those who could benefit from a systematic approach to house-clearance.

For the whole of 2009, each of us will be ridding our homes of one object every single day. Everyone is welcome, and you can join in at any time.

The rules:

1. You don't have to stick to a rate of strictly one thing per day. You can get rid of thirty things on one day and then lie back for a month, or you can fall behind and make up with a mass cull later on, so long as you eventually settle up.

2. For every new item brought into your home, one has to go - above and beyond the one a day.

3. Finding, say, a pack of 30 felt pens and chucking out one a day, does not count.

4. Stuff that we'd recycle or throw out anyway doesn't count UNLESS it's something like an old magazine that's inexplicably been hanging around in a pile for months.

However, some of the objects can be small things like an old key or a single marble, if it's cluttering up a drawer and has no obvious mate.

By the end of the year, we will have a minimum of 365 fewer possessions underfoot (or, if you're a couple, both doing it, 730).

Oh yes, and one more thing.... OF COURSE WE'LL BE BLOGGING IT.

Post formats
Of course, it's up to you how and where you keep a tally, but I suggest the following for each post:

a) What day number it is [see below for a handy reckoner]
b) How many objects you have rid yourself of, to date.

Optionally, if you have time, you may also wish to make your posts more interesting by:

c) naming the objects
d) explaining why you acquired them in the first place, and/or why you are getting rid of them

And, if you really have the time, you could even photograph each item that's on its way out (in some strange way, this can act as a reassuring substitute for the object itself).

Also welcome are posts musing on consumerist society, the tyranny of objects, "life laundry" in general, and your own efforts to keep a tidy house.

We encourage recycling, donations to charity shops and thrift stores, Freecycling, offering goods to other members of this or other communities, repurposing.

Day numbers
If you know what day of the month it is, you can just add that to the number for the first of that month.

January 1st: Day 1
February 1st: Day 32
March 1st: Day 60
April 1st: Day 91
May 1st: Day 121
June 1st: Day 152
July 1st: Day 182
August 1st: Day 213
September 1st: Day 244
October 1st: Day 274
November 1st: Day 305
December 1st: Day 335